Research Papers

Principals Talk is intended to be in reach of all School Principal Class Officers across Australia, regardless of sector, memberships and affiliations.

To date, we have produced 4 discussion/research papers:

Our Current Research paper, Building School Capacity, by John Handley, provides insights into reflections and actions Principals may adopt to ensure ongoing capacity building of staff in their schools.

We invite you to read this article.


  • Our third article in our Principals Talk series was an opinion piece titled School Leadership Teams by Executive Officer of Principals Talk, John Handley. This piece discusses the interconnection between school leadership and high performance in a school, and encourages Principals and School Leaders to examine their personal and professional values and behaviour in their quest to “model, influence, coach and lead”. John provides examples of some relevant principles and protocols relating to these values and behaviours. And reminds us of our responsibility to develop and empower our leaders.
  • Our second article was an opinion piece titled New Principalships by Executive Officer of Principals Talk, John Handley, The piece discusses the inherent culture of a school and key perspectives Principals, new and experienced, might consider in order to maximise school potential, and accordingly, push the school and community in a positive direction.
  • Our inaugural article was a Research paper, Principal Work, by Dr Wendy Cahill. Principal Work was commissioned to provide insight from the a compilation of comprehensive reports over the last 10 years and highlights clear indications of changing work contexts and expectations.