Paper # 1 – Principal Work


dr-wendy-cahillDr Wendy Cahill, a highly awarded professional and past Principal currently working as an education strategist, aims to examine changing workplace practices and galvanise the status quo to join as a united voice to benefit all School Leaders. For this reason she has developed her Principal Work research paper.

Principal Work has been been commissioned to provide insight from the a compilation of comprehensive reports over the last 10 years and highlights clear indications of changing work contexts and expectations.

Principals Talk now aims to use research and opinion papers, such as Dr. Cahill's Principal Work, to stimulate discussion, gain feedback and ultimately help School Principals and colleagues to lead in an ever increasingly complex and demanding environment. 

We are very pleased to now invite you to read the research paper Principal Work, by Dr. Wendy Cahill, AM, and then to provide feedback to us through our survey via the link below. 





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