About Us

Background to Principals Talk

As an industrial organisation representing State Government Principals in Victoria and Western Australia, the Australian Principals Federation (APF) recognises that there is a larger pool of School Principal Class Officers than simply our members. School Principal Class Officers are in State and Territory government schools, catholic schools and independent schools across Australia. They are affiliated with and represented by a range of associations and unions.

Principals Talk as a concept is intended to provide a no cost opportunity for all School Principal Class Officers access to quality research papers and enable independent feedback on a range of issues impacting on their work, regardless of their current affiliations.

Hence, the establishment of this non-aligned website. Any contributions of feedback gathered via the Principals Talk website is planned to be reflected back to participants on a regular basis.

An Introduction t
o the Australian Principals Federation:

The APF is a Federal organisation dedicated to advancing the industrial interests of members, with State branches in Victoria and Western Australia. Membership is open to Principal Class Employees in the Government school sector of the two constituent states. We exist to protect and support members in employment related matters, and much of our activity is in industrial representation, advocacy, advice and support in dealing with issues such as complaints, conflict resolution, discipline, remuneration, superannuation, contract renewal, workcover, conflict of interest and performance matters to name a few.

We provide support for our members working in difficult situations and strive to improve their conditions of employment. The APF was initially conceived by the members of both Primary and Secondary Principals Association and established as an independent industrial entity in 1988. It has been registered continuously since 30 January 2006 providing it with all the legal powers of registration to support and represent its members.