Welcome to Principals Talk

Principals Talk is a valuable opportunity to provide the School Principal Class across Australia a strong, focussed national voice. It is intended to be in reach of all School Principal Class Officers across Australia, regardless of sector, memberships and affiliations.

We believe by having a national voice, School Principals will be in a stronger position to negotiate individually and collectively on how the communities, governments and employers can support us to lead in an increasingly complex and demanding environment.

dr-wendy-cahillWe aim to (a) provide research and opinion papers to stimulate discussion and gain feedback on issues of importance to the School Principal Class; and (b) give opportunities for the School Principal Class to initiate their issues of importance for their peers to share insights and opinions.

Each paper will be linked to a feedback mechanism, with final results reported back to participants.

Our first research paper, Principal Work has been developed by Dr Wendy Cahill, AM.

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John Handley

Executive Officer