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Our next article in our Principals Talk series is a further opinion piece titled Building School Capacity by Executive Officer of Principals Talk, John Handley.

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dr-wendy-cahillPrincipals Talk is a valuable opportunity to provide the School Principal Class across Australia a strong, focussed national voice. It is intended to be in reach of all School Principal Class Officers across Australia, regardless of sector, memberships and affiliations.

We believe by having a national voice, School Principals will be in a stronger position to negotiate individually and collectively on how the communities, governments and employers can support us to lead in an increasingly complex and demanding environment.

We aim to (a) provide research and opinion papers to stimulate discussion and gain feedback on issues of importance to the School Principal Class; and (b) give opportunities for the School Principal Class to initiate their issues of importance for their peers to share insights and opinions.

Feedback on each paper can be provided by emailing our Executive Officer at enquiries@principalstalk.net.au

Our first research paper, Principal Work has been developed by Dr Wendy Cahill, AM.

Our second article, New Principalships, by John Handley, has been created with the Principals 'Future Vision' in mind.

Our third article, School Leadership Teams, by John Handley,

Our fourth article,Building School Capacity, by John Handley, Click the download button below to read.

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John Handley

Executive Officer